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Hi there! I’m Liz. I’m a mother of three in San Francisco and living in Morocco for now, and the founder of Blog it Love it, an award-winning lifestyle site that celebrates family life with practical tips for home, travel, and personal style. I work with a team of brilliant women to come up with the best quality content to share with you in areas of family, food, style, travel, crafts, and home.

Blog it Love it is for millennial women and non-binary folk across all different countries, cultures and walks of life. It's for the doers, the dreamers and the perfectly imperfect.

It’s for the girl who feels like a bit of a hot mess sometimes, but is still goal-driven and ambitious

It’s for the girl who works out a couple of times per week but still eats ice cream daily. It’s for the uni or college student who’s still trying to figure out what she wants to do once she graduated.

It’s for the girl who’s working a full-time job to pay the bills while starting her own business on the side. It’s for the girl who likes getting dressed to the nines, but would sometimes rather stay in and binge-watch Netflix than go to that networking event.

It’s for the girl who’s always striving to become the best version of herself, but also wants to feel comfortable in her own skin now. It’s for you, the Girl In Progress.

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